About Daniel Hamer

Hey, I am a multi-talented audio engineer, sound designer, and composer providing professional audio production services for my clients. I have taken on a variety of audio-related roles such as sound design, music composition foley, audio restoration, audio editing, mixing, mastering for many of my clients working within a variety of industries, all with positive reviews. My commitment is to provide you with high-quality, professional audio production services tailored to your project.

Daniel Hamer

I have studied up to masters level, with my 10 years music education gifting me a versatile skillset and knowledge in music production, music technology, and music. Not only has my academic training helped improve my knowledge, it has also gifted me the ability to efficiently manage and research my projects reliably on time, never missing a deadline. I manage all my projects with the skill and experience my clients have come to expect.

I also write, research, and publish content in the form of video, articles, and blogs exploring the relationship of sound and music in Film, TV, Animation, and Video Games.

All projects discussed and worked on are confidential, so rest assured I will not share any information unless permission is granted.

Get in touch today and let us produce some amazing work together!

Thanks for reading,
Daniel Hamer